Wedge Wire Scallops - Reactor Internals

Wedge Wire Scallops - Reactor Internals

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Wedge wire scallops are important components of reactor internals. The scallops are manufactured from Johnson filters and have a fan-shaped cross-section, hence their name.

Wedge wire scallops are positioned against the reactor wall through expander rings. The top of the scallops is sealed and the bottom is open, the lower part is open and connected to the header at the bottom of the reactor. The oil and gas discharged from each scallop are mixed in the header and flow out from the oil and gas outlet.

Purpose: Collect or distribute flow. Retain catalyst and prevent catalyst leakage in radial flow device.

The Johnson screen scallop is designed to optimize fluid dynamics, enhance filtration efficiency, and elevate operational reliability in your industrial processes.

Applications of Wedge Wire Scallops
Gas treatment, Platforming, Reforming, CCR, ammonia converter, styrene

Features of Wedge Wire Scallops
Advanced Wedge Wire Technology: Ensures uniform flow distribution and minimal pressure drop.
▪ Durability: Constructed with premium-grade materials for long-lasting performance.
▪ Eco-friendly: Reduces energy consumption and environmental impact.
▪ Customizable: Tailored options available to fit your reactor configuration.
▪ Wide Application: Suitable for various industries, from petrochemicals to wastewater treatment.

Upgrade your reactor internals today with wedge wire scallops and experience enhanced productivity, reliability, and sustainability in your operations.
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